On Monday, 170 members of Grievance arrived on the outskirts of Herpaderp, Idaho for the start of their annual get-together. Unbeknownst to the locals in the area, the goal was to completely take over the village which only has 51 inhabitants. “Our plan was simple,” Grievance member Rylok stated. “We’re going to get there, set up the barbecues, make some in-ground pools, and ask the locals politely to skidaddle.”

Memo, a long time Grievance member, was nearby at the time of the interview, shaking his head. When asked to comment, he simply muttered, “Fingers…..he’s got….baby….fingers…..” This reporter did not know what in the holy bajeezus that means.

Local authorities have asked the online community and guild to evacuate immediately; however, there is no indication that will happen. Guild member Nionya spoke with us, and explained that it’s really not their fault. “I dunno, man. Rylok told us to show up for a party, he didn’t say anything about us living here.”

Police have set up a perimeter and are monitoring the situation carefully.

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